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Extra- and Ultraterrestrial Lifeforms

Today, the discussion about whether extraterrestrial life exist or not has become obsolete. This now antique question has made place for another more in-depth question: What does extraterrestrial life looks like and how do we communicate with extra- or ultraterrestrial lifeforms. Since my early childhood, I have been obsessed with these questions. As a result, I consider myself as very lucky to be one of the few people who had a close encounter with intelligences which were not human in the common sense of the word. It was this experience which changed my life drastically and which urged me to share the information that evolved from it during the years that followed. I believe that this case can shed a refreshing beam of light on hyperdimensional life and communication. 


This story begins on 28 July 2010. I was travelling in England by car, together with my wife, daughter and a friend. It was the third day of our stay and we had visited some six different crop circles, though I was not convinced about their genuinity, e.g. that they were made by non-human intelligence. Fortunately, there was an interesting conference planned at the county hall at Alton Barnes that same evening. The speaker was somebody I didn’t yet know at the time, but who became a friend a few years later... The man was none other than Andrew Collins, who would speak about his discovery of a cave system under the Giza Pyramids, something that would bring him worldwide respect and fame. After Andrew’s talk, we decided to go to Knapp Hill, next to the famous East Field in Alton Barnes, one of the most important crop circle and UFO-hotspots. It was a beautiful evening and there were a lot of people on the hill. There were many UFO spotters standing behind their tripods, waiting for spectacular appearances in the sky or in the field.

I remember that I had always wanted to believe in UFOs and ETs. However, during these first three days in Wiltshire, I had become more and more sceptical because of the wild stories and nonsense I had heard. Nevertheless, my curiosity was stimulated and I wanted to carry out some research while my wife was already sleeping with our daughter in the tent. Andy and I went walking through the camping site and up Knapp Hill. There were people everywhere, sitting and chatting around small campfires, playing music, and watching the sky. Some fifty metres further, we saw three people coming down the hill towards us. There was a man of around 60 years old, with who I presumed to be his daughter and grandson. We walked towards them and I asked them if they had seen anything special. To my surprise, they said that they had seen three orange light balls moving very fast over East Field.

‘That we should see,’ I said and Andy and I went further up the hill.

We didn’t have to wait long, because all of a sudden we saw three orange balls of light appearing over Woodborough Hill, some 200 metres in front of us. The balls were moving very slowly from left to right and back again. We looked at each other and I said that this didn’t prove anything. This could have been a kind of flare used by the military base, which wasn’t very far away… But then, as if they responded to my thought, the light balls remained stuck on the spot for a few seconds. Then they continued floating towards us until they kept hanging in the air again at an estimated distance of fifty metres in front us. ‘This is not possible…’ were the only words we could utter. Then, I understood that this was the moment I had waited for since my childhood. It came to my mind that if these balls were extraterrestrial or hyperdimensional creatures then they should be able to read my thoughts. So I decided to do a telepathy-experiment. I remembered a dream in which I was talking to a woman living in a house in a forest in Kentucky (in the dream this woman was a friend of Drunvalo Melchizedek) who said that I could ask her 3 questions. With these three questions I should be able to solve all the mysteries of the Universe. In other words, asking the right question is more important than the answers on 100 stupid questions. However, the only question that came up into my mind was “Who are you?” Then something happened that, even today, gives me goosebumps! As to answer my question again, they seemed to grow larger and brighter for a few seconds, and then… a head, arms and legs were appearing. They changed shape!! Humanoid illuminating shapes!!!

At the same moment, the following words were whispered in my mind:

- “We are you!”

I asked Andy to pinch my arm, but the poor man was as shocked as I was, and he didn’t hear a word. I had to pinch his arm first in order to awaken him from his trance. We were both baffled and unable to come up with an explanation for what we were seeing. For your information, we hadn’t taken any kind of drugs, or alcohol. We were completely sober! A few seconds later, the illuminating shapes began to ‘extinguish’ and we didn’t see anything else after that. It was dark and we were so amazed that we remained standing on the spot, without speaking a word for what appeared to be several minutes. Then we looked to each other and decided to go back to the camping site to see if anyone there had seen the same. Most people to whom we told our story had less problems believing it than we did ourselves. Some people had seen a glimpse of the orange light balls, but none of them had seen them transforming into humanoid shapes because they stood on the other flank of the hill. I still remember my refusal to accept what I had seen. It struck me as rather funny, because ever since my childhood I always had wanted to see this...

Now, the story is only beginning, because what happened after this event was even more mysterious. It was difficult to explain to anybody what I had seen without losing my credibility. Even for me, it was several years before I began to understand something about hyperdimensional communication.


Something very curious was beginning to take place during the days following that exciting event. Everywhere I went, I saw geese and swans. In the beginning, I didn’t give too much attention to it because this can easily be ascribed to coincidence. But when these experiences kept going on after two years, I was urged to search for something that would link the UFOs and the swans in a way I could not yet grasp. And this was why I stumbled upon Andrew Collins’ masterpiece "The Cygnus Mystery". This was another striking coincidence because I had met the same Andrew Collins for the first time during a conference in the Coronation Hall in Alton Barnes, only a few hours before that close encounter on Knapp Hill. So, after reading Collins’ book, I decided to send him an email in which I told him about the UFO experience in 2010 that happened only an hour after listening to him at a conference in Alton Barnes. What I didn’t know was that he had been studying UFO phenomena for 30 years and that he had written several books on the subject. First of all, he asked me to send him a drawing of the light balls (see image above). He was kind enough to send me his latest book on this topic, entitled "Lightquest". Well, I can tell you that, after years of searching for explanations and the resulting feeling of desolation (because I believed that I was the only one in the world who had seen such extraordinary things), I was so relieved that somebody had finally taken the story seriously. Furthermore, Collins describes the stories of several other witnesses who saw exactly the same luminous humanoids right on top of Silbury Hill, a few years before I did. Apparently, the experience changed their lives as much as it changed mine. The resemblance between my own drawing and the one done by the other witnesses is what stroke me most of all:


But what was now the link between the plasma balls and the swans I kept seeing everywhere?

Cygnus X-3 and the cygnet-particle

Next to explaining how the Swan-constellation played a major role in the oldest religions of the prehistoric wolrd, Collins mentions something more relevant. He talks about a newly discovered high energy gamma particle, first detected by particle decay detectors in Europe and the US in the 1980 and which is called hte ‘cygnet’ (little swan). This anomalous particle arrives on Earth with a periodicity interval of 4.79 hours, which is previously recorded in connection with a neutron star (Cygnus X-3, the most active X-ray source on Earth) in the centre of the Cygnus constellation. Hence the name ‘cygnet’. Collins asks himself whether it is possible that these ‘cygnets’ could have affected the evolution of consciousness on Earth, as his archaeological findings showed an overall eminence of a giant waterbird that creates the world in the most ancient texts (e.g. Egyptian Book of the Dead), temples (e.g. Göbekli Tepe) and even paleolithic caves (e.g. Lascaux). According to Collins, shamans who resided a long time in caves could have become subtly aware of these ‘cygnets’ at times when Cygnus X-3 was in the zenith-position above the cave. It is known that cygnets penetrate deep into and are captured in stalactites and crystal geodes. Collins believes that, in this way, early shamans learnt about the exact location of what seemed to be the birthplace of cosmic life, or the ‘Place where the Soul is transmigrated’.

All this becomes even more believable when we bear in mind the location of Cygnus: exactly at the beginning of the ‘Dark Rift’ or the ‘Womb of Mother Galactica’, where all cosmic life is born.

Furthermore, Collins suspects that the plasma balls, which are often related to UFOs, could contain hyperintelligent gamma particles (cygnets) emanating from Cygnus X‑3, itself some kind of hyperintelligent being (a kind of meta-galactic consciousness) that has been influencing our planet for millions of years. This possibility is supported by Finnish scientist Matti Pitkänen, who says that plasmoids can be manipulated and commanded by consciousness to act as messengers between different dimensions of reality!

Another observation made by UFO researchers throughout the world is that light manifestations often appear above or along geological faults in the rock, and often just before tectonic movement or earthquakes. This is not so crazy as it sounds, since scientists discovered that, when there is tectonic movement, piezoelectric crystals (mostly calcite and quartz) in the rock are frictioned and become electrically charged. When these electrical discharges connect with gases in the atmosphere (or in the Earth’s interior), they form a plasma ball or plasmoid. Imagine that hydrino-like cygnets, which are found inside crystals in the Earth’s crust, are bound within these plasmoids, and you have an intelligent plasmoid encoded with information coming from Cygnus X-3, which is able to imprint its code into crop fields...  This could be one of the main reasons why ancient civilisations built mounds, stone circles, or pyramids along these geological faults and in alignment with Cygnus. These sites may have multiple applications. They not only stabilise tectonic movement, but they also form a communication bridge with star intelligence – or ‘the Gods’.


Many reports of UFO-witnesses reveal that plasmoids can take on any possible shape. The abundant stories have one thing in common: they all report having seen ‘light balls’ or a 'plamsa fog' which then transformed into shapes, which were more ‘acceptable’ for the mind of the witness. All this depends on the consciousness of the witness himself. If the witness has only a notion of angels and demons, he will see the plasmoids transforming into angels or demons; if he believes in aliens, he will see aliens or even spaceships.

Another skill of plasmoids is their ability to alter the space-time perception of the witness. Many witnesses tell about ‘lost time’, in which they find that hours have passed after the incident, while they believe that the time lapse of the sighting could not have been more than ten minutes. There are numerous stories in which a witness sees a UFO for only a few seconds, but when the experience is over, he realises that three hours have passed and that he is in a completely different place, unaware of how he got there. If this is not yet strange enough, plasmoids could even be able to induce a hallucination that is so strong that the witness believes that he or she has been abducted by aliens. In fact, it DID happen and they DID feel real emotions, which is later confirmed under hypnosis. The only thing is, that it takes place in an altered Space-Time Continuum (STC) that is entangled with our own, but which seems like an ‘endless here and now’. Such an altered STC is also called a ‘Bubble Universe’.

Years later, I came to understand that the swans I kept and still keep seeing carry much more and deeper information about sacred geometry and resonance. Furthermore, in the years that followed I would receive some strange psychic messages from an 'unknown source' that would lead to the theory exposed in my book: "Hallu-Cygns - Language of Creation"

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