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The Synchronicity Experience

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Do you have the feeling that there is more in life than you are actually aware of? Are you looking for answers regarding your own destiny and role in your life? Do you believe that most answers are to be found in your immediate environment? Are you ready for an experience that might forever change the way you see reality? Then the Synchronicity Experience is certainly worth the try! In this one-day-long experience, you learn about synchronicity and how it can be "awakened" in your own life. The program is as follows:

10:00 : Lecture about synchronicity, how it transformed my own life into a blissful reality.


12:00 : dinner  

13:00 : Meditation to expand your Self (uniting your inner and outer reality)


13:30 : Guided walk through the magnificent landscape around the Han-Caves during which we learn about the essence of the plants, animals, geological aspects,... on our path and what they signify for us personally. The goal is to open up our Self for the synchronicities on our path.


15:30 : pause


16:00 Exclusive tour through the magical Han-Caves during which we stand still with the main archetype of this amazing site: the Bridge between Life and Death, between healing and entropy. 

The Han Caves is much more than a world famous touristic site. What many people don't know is that this cave has been used by man since at least 10.000 years, not only as a refuge but mainly as an underground temple for esosteric purposes linked to Death and Rebirth. This is proven by the hundreds of archaeological objects found at both ends of the Cave and by the etymology of the name of the hill (Boine = "White Cow") in which the Han Caves are situated. Igor takes you on a trip through his personal history and esoteric experiences in the Han Caves and clarifies the spiritual connection of the Han Cave with a specific part of the Milky Way which the ancient Celts named the Bru na Boine ("The Womb of the White Cow").  

* Esotericism is the spiritual knowledge about man and comos which is not accessible for everybody but only for initiates. In other words, during this exclusive tour in one of the most astounding caves in Europe, you are initiated in certain spiritual and cosmic secrets concerning this ancestrally sacred site. 


Crop Circle Conference - Alton Barnes - 27 & 28 July 2022


Each summer, the province of Wiltshire is blessed with tens of wonderful geoglyphs which awaken our cellular memory and spiritual mission on Earth as a human species. Although many are manmade, countless witnesses have reported strange phenomena and encounters with transdimensional beings in this area around this period. This was also my case. This summer, 28 July, it will be exactly 12 years ago that I had a close encounter with three light balls or plasma intelligences during my stay on Knapp Hill, Alton Barnes. What happened afterwards was so mind-blowing that it became the reason for writing my book "Hallu-Cygns". Now, the time is ripe to share this exciting story with all the other people searching for answers in the magical landscape of Wiltshire. Therefore, I organise a conference in the Coronation Hall in Alton Barnes on Thursday 28 July 2022 at 8 PM. An introduction to this conference will be given the day before, July 27, at the same location during the Night of the Crop Circling:

September 24 - Autumn Equinox Festival @ Visoko Pyramids Bosnia


Did you know that the oldest and most active pyramid in the world is situated in Bosnia? Did you know that a massive underground tunnel system is being excavated since 15 years? Did you know that a electromagnetic beam with a frequency of 28.000 Hz can be measured on top of the Pyramid of the Sun? Do you want to know more about this enigmatic site, source of so much debate since its discovery? Then the yearly autumn equinox festival is certainly an event to pinpoint on your calendar. The festival is organised at the Bosnian Pyramid complex and includes conferences, workshops, tours, live experiences with the strange tangible forces on the site, music performances, commercial stands,...  During my own visit to the site earlier in 2022, I had a large conversation with the director and discoverer of the pyramids, Semir Osmanagic, during which I could explain my own experiences with plasma intelligence and the resutling theory about the ancient piezo-electric wireless system of the megalithic civilization. As a result, he invited me to give a talk on September 24, during the Autumn Equinox Festival. More info:

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