• Igor Eeckhaut

"Corona": Ring of Resonance

The Word that saved the World

Anastasia: – “Yes, Grandpa, everything and everybody wants to be hugged by Man.”

Great-grandfather: “Then you must embrace the whole Earth, Anastasia. Think about how you can do this.” With these words great-grandfather left.

When he came back later, Anastasia said:

Anastasia: – ”Look, Grandpa, look! The animals become not only happy when I touch them with my hands, but also when I look to them from a distance. It is invisible, but it is something of me. And with this ‘something’, I could embrace the whole Earth with my invisible self. There is a small me, and a big me, and this big me consists of all other creatures. This way, I can embrace the whole Universe.”

Does the word ”Corona” provoque a good or a bad feeling in you? I mean, let’s be honest, all we hear about Corona in the media is negative and fear-inducing. On the contrary, many positive reactions occur on a planetary scale as a result of this worldwide pandemic. Only, the positive side we have to see for ourselves.

Whatever the feelings it induces in you, negative or positive, there is one thing that both have in common: it connects us with the whole of humanity. And that is something incredibly powerful! So, as a ‘spiritual linguist’, I discovered that this power of uniting the whole of humanity is simply found in the word ‘Corona’ itself. Let’s take a look at the deepest sense of this beautiful Word which, I believe, has the potential to save the world.

Corona means ‘crown’, ‘ring’ or 'circle'. In general, with the word 'corona' we indicate the outer atmospherical ring around the Sun. The Sun is literally the King/Queen of our solar system, so logically, She wears the Crown or Corona. But also our planet has an atmospherical ring or corona. The Corona of Plasma around our planet Earth is a protective layer of ionized gaz (ionosphere) in the upper atmosphere. The Earth's plasma fountain gushes into space from regions near the earth's poles. The Aurora Borealis is where plasma energy pours back into the planetary atmosphere. Plasma cleanses the atmosphere by transmuting the heavy deuterium atoms in the air into the lighter protium atoms. The first stage of the transmutation reaction superheats the starting isotope (deuterium) to the phonon resonance frequency of the target isotope (protium) during high-voltage electrical discharges like lightning strikes. So the Earth's Corona is intrinsically connected to the Sun's Corona. In fact, their constant communication is what we call the Schumann Resonances.

If there’s one thing that can save the world, than it is humanity cleaning up his own shit. This “shit” is not only physical or material, but also mental, emotional and psychological deformations that have crept in the human being since we cut ourselves off from the Primordial Garden of Eden. Today, hundreds of thousands of people are seriously cleaning up their self-created mess by creating beautiful permaculture gardens, by looking INTO instead of OUTSIDE themselves, by seeking knowledge about our true biological function in the eco-system, by seeking emotional and spiritual wisdom, natural medicine, science of consciousness, … . So, can we say that there is hope for humanity? Can the deepest meaning of Corona: 'Crown of Reality', 'Planetary Ring of Light', 'Oneness',… mean that we are transforming our reality on a planetary scale? Can we say that it is the Word that will save the World? I believe it is for many people!

In order to boost this Ring of Healing into our reality, I propose that we do a planetary meditation, following the example of Anastasia in the introduction above, but on a very specific date. That date is 22 February 2022 or 22022022. Why this date?

People who know my work will understand why the number 22 is so important and directly linked to the experience of Oneness and protective Mothership.

A ring or circle or ‘corona’ has a diameter and a circumference which resonate at a frequency of a transcendental number called Pi. It is this resonance that we seek in order to resonate with our own reality, to Realize our Self. On a larger scale, for example in a mass meditation, this resonance has the power to heal the world and this power is found in the word ‘Corona’, Ring, Circle. The most traditional and simple way to express this resonance (albeit approximately) is by the ratio 22/7. We know that 7 is the number of the different colours in the spectrum when light is refracted through a crystal prism, there are 7 musical notes in a perfect octave, in short, 7 is the basic number in material reality. So, when we take 7 as the diameter, we have a circumference of 22. The number 2 is 'cygni-fied' by the Swan, and consists of 1 + 1. When we mirror the numbers 1 at both sides, we see the word 'MOM' appear. Coïncidence?

The number 22 is thus ‘cygni-fied’ by two swans embracing each other.

This ratio, 22/7 is the ratio which has been used in many sacred megalithic temples, stone circles, pyramids all around the world by a civilization that once built on a planetary scale in order to create a Corona of Resonance around the planet.

So, in order to reawaken this Planetary Corona of our distant ancestors, we could meditate on a planetary scale on this Ring of Healing around the planet. It has been proven that mass meditations HAVE a profound effect on reality. Those who can make it, could also gather around the exact centre of the Earth’s landmass, around the Pyramid complex of Giza, with as much like-minded people as possible and jump in unison all together. Depending on how much people jump around the Earth's central oscillator, this could provoque deep seismic waves which have the potential to make the planetary Corona "roar" back into the promised Golden Age. This may seem a very ambitious and naïve project, but, honestly, why wouldn't we do such a thing? We have nothing to lose, only to win.

Rendez-vous on 22.02.2022 ?

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