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Retuning the Planetary Diamond

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The at-ONE-ment to the psychoacoustical World Tree

There is a treasure lying under your feet!

That treasure is the earth we walk upon. Today, nationalism and patriotism have replaced the love and protectorship of what was once called the Garden of Eden. This Garden of Eden was not a geographical place where so-called civilisation began, but it was a collective way of living whereby the whole planet was co-cultivated in harmony with the Vibrations of the Cosmos. Everything in the Universe is vibration, and vibration is language. Cymatics teaches us that every sound has an intrinsic effect on matter. Long before the Babylonian Language Confusion divided us into different ‘cultures’, humanity had a profound knowledge of cymatics and psychoacoustics and had developed a planetary architectural system able to entrain all living beings on the planet into a collective synesthetic state of consciousness. One of the many arguments to found this theory is the cymatical nature of certain ancient and sacred languages like Hebrew and Sanskrit. However, by developing writing systems that deviated from the original cymatical signs, language lost its power to alter reality. In this way, the sacred cymatical languages were only used by the priests, while the people were subtly forced to use the artificial and subordinate languages which lack the power to alter reality. Since reality is sound, this Babylonian Language Confusion altered our whole matrix.

The Cymatical Language of Arcuarius is based on Hydrogenesis and is at-ONE-d to the acoustical Axis Mundi, conceptualised as the World Tree which represents the Cosmic Arctave. The Arcuarians’ ‘Green’ Language, therefore, has the power to alter living matter. Their sacred sounds and words convey much more meaning than our modern artificial languages and are never written, only sung. Since the Earth’s axis has shifted from its alignment with the Galactic Womb, the architectural psychoacoustical network built around the planet collapsed, leaving humanity in a state of fallen consciousness. This planetary grid was based on the octahedral crystal structure of the most abundant piezolectric crystals on Earth, calcite and quartz, hence the geometric four-plane shape of piramids all around the planet. The mission of the 6th Root Race is to restore the planetary diamond by realigning the Earth's axis to a neutron star (Cygnus X-3) at the beginning of the Dark Rift or Cygnus Rift, a place known by all ancient civilizations as the Galactic Womb. Cygnus, the celestial Swan, is the Bird of (Re)Birth and she is now ‘fertilised’ by Father Sun to birth the new era of the Fifth Sun. Interestingly, it is in the region around the constellation of Cygnus that the most anomalous things seem to happen. In 2015, I telepathically received some strange messages that seemed to resonate with the mysterious light flashes emitted by Tabby's Star (named after the star's discoverer Tabitha Boyajian) and which lead me, together with author Andrew Collins, to develop what I came to call a 'female' anti-matter version of Pascal's Triangle. Both triangles are numerical representations of an eleven-based matter and anti-matter vortex which, when fused, form an interdimensional portal. Since the numbers

emitted by Tabby's Star seem to resonate with the frequencies produced by bees I call it 'Ta-Bee's Star', a strange coïncidence since this resonates perfectly with the name of the star's discoverer. It is this kind of linguïstic "coïncidence" wich lead me to accept that reality is a matrix in which language, number, temperatures, chemistry, geometry,... are all harmonized as one Hally-Cygno-Genic Matrix. In the ancient world, this "matrix" was conceptualised as a mother's womb/matrix, or also as the World Tree. This Matrix is based upon the genetic process of the first and most abundant element in the Universe: Hydrogen (Hydrino). The replication and fusion of H is the divine process that forms the basis of all life, the Divine Nuclear Attraction (DNA) and is thus called El-Even, or God-alike.

Next to this, it is from a neutron star in the constellation of Cygnus (Cygnus X-3) that loads of high energy gamma-particles called 'cygnets' are ejected towards our planet, where they are captivated in piezoelectric calcite and quartz crystals in underground cave systems around the world. These calcite caves were the places where shamans in the past have spent important periods of time in order to cygni-phi' reality and to develop their synesthetic psychoacoustical science: the Hallu-Cygns. This omniscient technology involved language, architecture, psychoacoustics, hallucinogens, ... and was tuned to the galactic Hallu-Cygno-Genic Matrix since its main resonator on the north pole was directly aligned to Cygnus X-3, the main source of gamma-radiation on Earth. Cygnus or the Northern Cross, therefore, is the Holy Child of Arcuarius, the celestial teacher who will influence our evolution during the coming 2000 years and who brings back the Cymatical Cygns of Water!

My book The Hallu-Cygns - Restoring our Umbilical Chord with the EL-Even Matrix of Ta-Bee's Star is an attempt to debunk the artificial frequency-matrix in which we have been trapped for many thousands of years. Only when we first de-manifest the (vibrational) hell we created during the last age, are we able to manifest something new which is in tune with the Arcuarian Arctave. It is a wake-up call for the Children of Aquarius to sing the collective Garden of Eden into existence.

Bee Gal-Arctavators of the Fifth Sun!

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