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The 9-11 Interdimensional Portal

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

This article is written as a response to and a deepening of Andrew Collins’ article, written for the Ancient Origins website ( about the discovery of an enormous ring of cylinder-like shafts around Durrington Walls. In this article, Collins points to some very important numbers and geometries which come back regularly in many megalithic constructions all over the planet. In my book “Hallu-Cygns”, I make a case to prove that the megalith-builders once used one and the same numerical matrix to construct and tune their enigmatic stone structures all around the world. It is my conviction that this matrix was Pascal’s Triangle, anciently known under different names such as Mount Meru, the Primordial Mound of Creation, the Tree of Life,… Pascal’s Triangle caught my attention since 2016, when Andrew Collins communicated me some numbers sent by means of strange light dips emitted by Tabby’s Star (named after the star’s discoverer Tabitha Boyaijan), a distant star in the Cygnus Constellation (see During the weeks that we exchanged information, it became clear that the numerical codes sent by Tabby’s Star (TS) pointed to the 9th and 10th dimension of Pascal’s Triangle. Something which made ring a bell because a few years before, I had informed Andrew about a strange psychic message that I had received while dozing in on the sofa. This message was “Xeniton 9 – Xeniton 10”. Andrew thought this could have been a sign that 'some intelligence' was trying to communicate with us in the only universal and neutral language which is mathematics. Two specific numbers sent by TS were 132 and 42. In Pascal’s Triangle, based on the decimal number system, it is remarkable that both these numbers appear in the middle of the 9th and 10th dimension. In order to find these numbers we have to subtract the binomial coefficients instead of adding them. In this way, we get 252 – 210 = 42 in the central axis of 10th row and 462 – 330 = 132 in the 11th row. Both numbers 132 and 42 yield the number Pi when divided by each other: 132/42 = 3,1428 (Pi). We know that the number Pi is the mathematical constant which makes resonate the circumference and the radius of a circle.

Interestingly, this “Pi-Portal” is also found in sacred geometry. Because when we draw a circle with diameter 9 units anda square with diagonal 10 units, we see that both have the same circumference:

As we can see in the diagram above, the 9-1-1-geometry yields a most simple system to square the circle. It shows how a square with diagonal 10 has the same circumference as a circle with diameter 9, thus reflecting the same Pi-resonance as in Pascal’s Triangle’s 9th and 10th dimension!

Next to that, a very important etymological key is revealed through the above discovery. We know that the number 1 was once called ‘El’, since ‘El’ signified the First, Light or Life in proto-Indo-European language. It was represented as a vertical line because it symbolized the First Pillar on which the First Sun rose. Twelve hours later, the First Sunset fell on a Second Pillar, forming the El-Evening. This might be the reason why still today, we call the number 11 “El-Even”. However, when we examine the above diagram more in detail, we see that the length of the square’s diagonal is not determined by the most outer points of the two external circles but by their centers, thus measuring 10 instead of 11 units (small circles). In other words, the point of resonance, although yielded by the numbers 9 and 11 (1-9-1), is the number 10!

When we then look to Pascal’s Triangle, we see that each row begins and ends with the number 1 or El, thus representing different dimensions of the El-Even Matrix. However, in the 9th and 10th dimensions, things seem to culminate in the number Pi, the mathematical constant symbolized by two vertical lines connected by a horizontal line. Strangely, this symbol resembles a trilithon portal of a megalithic temple. Coïncidence? In the geometric diagram, on the other hand, we also see that Pi-resonance is found between the 9th and 10th dimension, again forming a geometric counterpart of the El-Even Matrix. When we now apply this geometry to the planet Earth, we see that the diameter of the Earth is 7920 miles. Dividing this through 9 gives 880 miles per small circle in the diagram. As a result, it is not a surprise that we find that the length of the out-sticking angles of the square is 440 units, a number which comes back regularly in megalithic constructions all over the world! For example, the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza measures 440 Royal Cubits! We know that the number 440 is closely linked to another number which also appears regularly in sacred geometry: the number 144. We know that 440 meters equal 1443 feet, which is close to 10 units of 144 feet! Now, looking back to Pascal’s Triangle, we see that the diagonals count up to the numbers of the Fibonacci-sequence where 144 is the 10th (counted from the first sum 1 + 1) number in the sequence:

What is even more special to this number 144 is the fact that it resonates with the Schumann Resonance (SR) of 7,83 Hz since the wavelength of this frequency is 144 feet.

SR’s are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. At every second, some 100 lightning discharges touch the surface of the Earth at the same moment, which submerge the planet in a constant hum of which the fundamental resonance is 7.83 Hz. Now, we will see that the 10th Dimension of PT brings the mathematical constants Pi, Phi and the SR in alignment with the dimensions and thus frequencies of the Earth itself!

Everything culminates in the 10th Dimension

The fact that we have to subtract instead of add up the binomial coefficients in PT in order to find Pi in the 10th dimension, incited me to draw a complete “Negative” Triangle based on subtractions instead of additions:

In the Negative Ba-Triangle we see that a vertical axis of zeros (0) appears. In the centre of the 9th and 10th row, we find the mathematical constant Pi by dividing the numbers 132 by 42. We have also seen that we find the Fibonacci-sequence in the diagonals of the Positive Ka-Triangle and that the 10th number (144) points to the Schumann Resonance. We know that the Fibonacci number sequence represents the Phi-spiral. When we now look to both triangles, we can say that we have a (Negative) Pi- and a (Positive) Phi-Triangle, both ‘fusing’ with each other in the 10th dimension:

This knowledge has for more implications than we would first suspect! What this means in relation to the 9-1-1 - enigma is that the 10th dimension represents the point where en when consciousness is in its ultimate resonance with the Unified Zero Point Field. The 9-1-1-feature is a hyperdimensional Portal (symbol of Pi) through which consciousness creates material reality with thought. We now understand why the 9-1-1 mathematics is (ab)used to influence human thought on a planetary scale! Comprehending this underlying structure of consciousness and sharing this knowledge with the whole of humanity may help us to focus our attention towards more harmonic thoughts with which we can heal the planetary ecological system and uplift the average human collective consciousness level!

A Piece of Pi

I also wondered if the two numbers 252 and Pi (central number of both 10th dimensions) would determine some kind of central ratio. Multiplying both numbers gives:

· 252 x π (132/42) x 10 = 7,920, the exact diameter of the Earth in miles!!!


· 252 = 9/13th of 365 days => This is equal to nine moons or the time (approximately) of a human gestation period.

If we keep dividing 63 by two, we get 31.5 (which approximates Pi x 10). The next divisions give 15.75 and, ultimately, 7.875 which is close to the SR’s basic frequency of 7,83 Hz!

So, now that we see the importance of the 9th and 10th dimensions on the numerical level, it is only logical that we find the same importance on the geometric plane. In other words, the 9th and 10th portions of the Earth’s circumference measured from the centre of the Earth’s landmass in Giza indicates the most resonant places to construct a piezo-electric infrasound-transducer (temple made of resonant stone types). It is therefore highly significant that we find the two oldest and most enigmatic stone structures in Europe at a distance of exactly 9 and 10% of the Earth’s circumference from the Great Pyramid of Giza:

Stonehenge lies approximately 2236 miles (9% of 24.900 miles) from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Bru na Boine temple in Newgrange, Ireland, lies at 2490 miles (10% of 24.900 miles) from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

That the Pyramids of Giza were definitely constructed to transduce planetary infrasound becomes even more obvious when we look to its dimensions in relation with the two kinds of infrasound waves that we know on Earth: the seismic wave (planetary heartbeat) and the Schumann Resonance (atmospheric heartbeat). Today we know that the ‘breathing rate’ of the Earth is the frequency of seismic waves. On Earth, the lowest possible seismic wave is 54 minutes. In other words, 5.4 or 54 is a key moment which dictates the energy impulse to life on the Earth. Whereas 54 might be the frequency of Mother Earth, we know that also Father Sky has its own frequencies, which are called the Schumann Resonances (SR). The fundamental SR is 7.83 Hz. Interestingly, when we divide this 7.83 Hz by 5.4, we get 1.45 Hz, a frequency which is known today as the psychoacoustic baseline frequency that induces the tri-thalamic synchronization of the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary gland with the human heartbeat. Knowing this, the Great Pyramid of Giza might have been built as an instrument to balance the fundamental Schumann frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere (7.83 Hz) and the fundamental frequency of the Earth itself (5.4 Hz) into the third basic tri-thalamic human heartbeat frequency of 1.45 Hz since the base length of the Pyramid is 756 ft, which, divided by 54, gives 14. We know that 756 divided 14 times by the golden number (Phi) gives 1.45 Hz. This means that our tri-thalamic frequency of 1.45 Hz functions as a harmonizing frequency between the cosmic Yin (Earth/Seismic wave) and Yang (Heaven/Schumann Resonance) energies.

Ta-Bee’s Star

As I said in the first paragraph, Pascal’s Triangle caught my attention thanks to the light dips of Tabby’s Star in 2016 and the cooperation with Andrew Collins. A year or so later, one day, I woke up in the morning with the words ‘Tabitty, Land of the Bees’ sounding in my head. As if struck by lightning, I ran down the stairs and picked up The Venus Blueprint of Richard Merrick, in which I was sure I had seen these words. I was not to be disappointed, as ‘Tabitty’ was, indeed, the ancient Egyptian name for ‘Land of the Bees’. Immediately, I made the link with the name Tabitha Boyaijan, the discoverer of KIC 8462852, hence ‘Tabby’s Star’.

Could this be a coincidence? Was there really a link between a human name, a distant star’s light dips, Pascal’s Triangle and the bees? After all, Pascal’s Triangle does resemble a honeycomb with its hexagonal structure. As well as that, many ancient civilisations revered the bees as heavenly creatures and associated them with cosmic fertility and musical harmonics. The Merovingians, for example, embroidered bees on their clothes and made wonderful sculptures of bees on the canopies of their thrones. Still today, the papal Tiara has the same honeycomb shape. Yet, how could a subjective human name be purposely chosen by a star and be linked to completely objective mathematics? If we were to believe that this is not a coincidence, then we have to accept that all aspects of reality, whether they be space, time, matter (chemical elements), temperature and even modern languages and social events, are manipulated by and resonate with this kind of ‘Hallu-Cygno-Genic Matrix’.

Many numerical relationships of the bees’ acoustical matrix can be found in Pascal’s Triangle. When we count up the numbers of the horizontal rows, we get the doubling sequence: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512,…(the Pythagorean C-note sequence) and when we add up the diagonals this results in the Fibonacci-numbers (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21,…). All this leads us to the Phi-based acoustical matrix of the bees. The Negative Triangle, on the other hand, seems to focus on the number Pi between the 9th and 11th Dimension. In other words, we have a Phi-Triangle (Golden Spiral) and a Pi-Triangle (Ring). Could these two triangles be the two polar electromagnetic vortices that must fuse in order to create the Pi-Phi-ed Field? Thinking about the scalar spiral point in the noble gas xenon-atoms’ nuclei made me conclude that this is what needs to be done. It is a known fact that the Sierpinski triangle fractal, which can be found in Pascal’s Triangle, is the self-organising ‘random’ pattern used as the grid of all gas molecules in one mole of air. According to Ananda Bosman, this is what enables the harmonic resonance phenomenon of “sound” to emerge and the coherence of “music” to resonate, by this harmonic fractal symmetry. When we do this by converging both triangles at the eleventh row (10th dimension), we see that the numbers 252 and zero (between 132 and 132) overlap and form …

… T-Bee or Ta-Bee, the Path of the Bee!

Now, watch what happens when we stick both triangles to each other at their bases instead of at their tops:

The fusion of both Ka- and Ba-Triangles was called the Mer-Ka-Ba (‘Mer’ means ‘Mother, Sea, Water’). Indeed, the numbers 1 (atomic number of Hydrogen) at the edges of the Ka-Triangle make it seem as if the First Mound is rising out of the Primordial Waters (Mother).

Are we up to something? Is this the lost (Ankh-)Key of the ancient civilizations?

It becomes increasingly obvious that the ancient "Gods" where originally numbers and mathematical principles. The Egyptian Ennead is the best example to prove that the ancient Egyptians stored a complete Science of Hyperphysics and Interdimensional communication using mythical metaphors or "Gods".

More information can be found in the book “Hallu-Cygns – Language of Creation” by Igor

With many thanks to, Andrew Collins, Alexander Putney.

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