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H: the 1st 8 of Aquarius

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The sevenfold cosmos

We see the importance of the number 7 in many levels of everyday life. We know that the visible range of light exists of the seven colours of the spectrum. There are seven musical notes in a perfect octave, and there are seven days in a week. It seems that, as well as light and sound, the basic components of the Universe are manifested through the octave. But why is it that seven plays such a prominent role in the visible Universe?

The Universe can be imagined as a circle or sphere. This is the most perfect geometric shape that exists and it symbolizes literally ‘Oneness’. Strangely, in our modern civilization, the circle is the sign of zero or ‘nothingness’. As we will see, there is no difference between nothingness and oneness, they are one and the same. As a result, all numbers in an immortal matrix should remain part of One.

Drawing two circles passing through each other's nucleus forms a lens (vesica pisces) in the centre. In other words, a circle needs to replicate (form a lens or an eye) in order to refract the light into seven visible ranges. Half the length of the vesica pisces (lens) equals the length of one side of the heptagon inscribed in one of the two circles.

This replication of a circle creates two ‘arcs’ that make a Covenant and form a boat- or eye-shaped ‘Ark’ in the middle. From the vesica pisces, all regular polygons (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and nonagon) can be drawn. The replication of a circle, the Creation of the All-Seeing Ark, is therefore the First Word that produces the seven colours and seven tones of the Octave.

OC vs CO

In the image below, you can see how the letters ‘O’ and ‘C’ describe literally the eye with which we perceive the OC-tave of light. We also see that when the C stands before the O, we see (C) Oneness (O) and there is CO-Cultivation. On the other hand, when the O stands for the C, we look away from Onenes and there is OC-Cultation.

We assume that the first letter or sound in the Universe is ‘Alpha’: α. As you can see, this letter sign resembles the letters ‘oc’, referring to the Latin number 8, or octa. Coincidence?

The runic symbol for ‘alpha’ looks like an axe (pronounced as ‘aks’):

The axe is a ritual symbol used in many ancient cultures. It is with the ‘axe’ that we divide a shape in pieces by creating an ‘axis’. The ‘Gal-Axis’, for example, cuts the heavenly sphere in two bows or ‘arcs’.

As a result, we can say that the first letter ‘Alpha’ signifies the first Axion: the Axe which creates the first Axis and the two ‘arcs’ that make the Covenant to form the boat-shaped Ark.

In other words, the Alpha creates the Octa. This relation between the numbers 1 and 8 is the basis for the COsmic OCtave.

H: the 1st 8 of Arcuarius

In our search for the Blueprint of the Universe, it is only logical that we look to the first and most basic element from which all other chemical elements evolve. That first element of the Universe is represented by the letter H. The H is the 8th letter of our modern alphabet, but also of the Phoenician alphabet, one of the most ancient cuneiform alphabets known. In English, the letter H is pronounced like ‘8sh’. Interestingly, the Nazis were well aware of this correlation between the letter H and the number 8 because they used the code ‘88’ (‘HH’ or ‘Heil Hitler!’) when they greeted each other. Also, in German and in Dutch, the word for eight is ‘acht’ and the word ‘achten’ or ‘acht geben’ means ‘to give attention’ or ‘to be conscious’. Additionally, the shape of the H is the same shape as one base pair in our DNA (one step of the DNA ladder). Note that our DNA is a language that replicates at a frequency between 7 and 8 Hz, the same frequency as the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) !

Do you know that there are 1,422 English verbs that end in ‘-ate’, pronounced like ‘8’?


We might suspect that the correlation of H with the numbers 7 and 8 also exists in chemistry, since all matter is, in essence, frequency! Therefore, it is not illogical that the maximum amount of electron shells an atom can have is seven, that every chemical element requires eight electrons in its valence shell, and that one of the most important molecular compounds of Hydrogen comprises the eighth (or first of the next octave) element OC-CY-GEN, which forms H²O – or, simply, water. Water is known in the scientific world as the main source of life and is, therefore, the first substance that any life form would search for in their quest for extraterrestrial life and exo-planets.

Seven Chakras

ve you ever wondered why human beings have seven chakras in the seven spectral colours? The answer is very simple: a rainbow is created by the fraction of sunlight through millions of raindrops. Because we are made of trillions of cells that are mainly made up of water, cosmic light is refracted into seven energy centres known as chakras. Our seven fundamental chakras start only on the exact half of our body, just like the perfect octave on a string:

El-Even = God alike

Few concepts are so numerously present in sacred architecture as the ‘Twin Pillars’. In the Temple of Solomon, these two pillars were named Joachin and Boaz and they protected the Holy of Holies, where the Ark of the Covenant was held. The Ark itself was also equipped with two golden cherubim. Until recently, the Twin Towers in the US had remained one of the most powerful concepts of modern civilisation. The two pillars represent the Male and the Female Force centred around the Third Neutral Force. This Neutral Force is first manifested as a vesica pisces, which has the same shape as an Ark (boat), a Womb (vagina) or an Eye (lens). When the two opposing forces fuse, they unlock the vesica pisces to return back to Source (Oneness) and become what was once called the Third Eye of Horus, or the Eye of Innocence, which embodies Kryst Consciousness. In the Germanic Runes, the symbol for ‘water’ is a mirrored number 1 and refers to the letter ‘L’. Interestingly, the Canaanite name of God is ‘El’ (derived from the Proto Indo-European word ‘el’, which means ‘water’ or ‘life’). We know that 1 is the number of God and the atomic number of Hydrogen. When we focus on this, the Primordial Principle literally describes the letter H and, therefore, the first element Hydrogen: I + I = H, or El-Even = God-alike = Hydrogen-alike.

Water is Life

All organic life begins with, and is sustained by, water. Therefore, it is not surprising that, in their search for extraterrestrial life and exo-planets, scientists look for water in the first instance. Next to this, we know that the principal element of water is Hydrogen, and that Hydrogen is the first chemical element that existed in the Universe and through which all other elements have evolved. But there is more, much more...

In ancient Egypt, the primordial Intelligence that created the Universe was called ‘Atum’ or ‘Ra-Atom’. This god was seen as a representation of the Sun (Ra), which was quite logical if we take Hydrogen as this First Gen, the primordial element (atom) that produces the light of the Sun through nuclear fusion. Carl Sagan said that, ‘There are more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all of the Earth’s beaches. At the same time, there are more H atoms in just ten drops of water than there are stars.’ Indeed, since we know that 75% of the Universe’s mass – meaning all living beings – is made of Hydrogen in its monatomic form, this becomes all the more clear. Since it was the first element in existence, it has the atomic number 1 and symbol H. With an atomic weight of 1.00794, it is also the lightest element. Hydrogen was the first element in existence and can, therefore, be considered as the Mother of Life itself. In German and Dutch, the words for breath are ‘ATEM’ and ‘ADEM’, implying a correlation of the word ATOM with the Breath or Sound of the Universe. It is needless to emphasise the importance of comprehending the behaviour of Hydrogen in order to comprehend the Universe.

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