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The Verbum Cygni-Phi-Ka-Atum

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The Word that creates Matter

The root ‘sign’ find their origin in the Latin word signis, which means ‘fire’ or ‘light’. The root ‘sign’ appears in words like sign, signify, signature, signal, signification, signet, sigil, etc., and even in ‘science’ (signs). All these words refer to ‘to give meaning’ to something. In short, with ‘signs’ we express a thought, concept or identity and we give meaning to reality. Without signification, there is no consciousness and there can be no communication.

As such, the Sign is the primordial unit of meaning that allows consciousness to know itself.

The Latin word for swan is "cygnus", and the child of the swan is called the "cygnet" (pronounced as "signet"). At first glance, we would not expect that there is a link between the swan and the meaning of signification. However, in Hinduïsm, the Swan is the symbol for discernment. But most exciting is the word for the newly discovered hyper-particles coming from Cygnus X-3 : ‘cygnets’. These cygnet particles are found to be the primaable to entangle with human consciousness and take on any identity that consciousness is able to perceive (angels, elves, demons, ETs, etc.). This is again a sign (cygn) that words and language are not mere tools by which to express meanings. If we look closely, we will see that even a modern language like English seems to contain much deeper meanings and connections to essential cosmic laws than one would have expected. We can say the language is the science (cygns) of signs (cygns)!

The Golden Phi-proportion, on the other hand, is signified by the planet Venus through its pentagonal orbit around the Sun in relation to Earth. Needless to say, Venus is the symbol of the Creator Goddess and is often depicted as a swan... Moreover, the constellation of the Swan may possibly contain the higher dimensional source of consciousness/signification on Earth (see The Hallu-Cygns).

As third and fourth components of the term ‘cygni-phi-ka-atom’, we have the roots ‘Ka’ and ‘Atum’, the latter referring to the First Atom (H) and the former to the immortal energetic double of the human being, called ‘Ka’ by the ancient Egyptians.

As a conclusion, we can say that the Verbum Cygni-Phi-Ka-Atom is the Language that creates and forms the material world. The solidification of sound into matter results in the creation of physical bodies and organic life. However, deviations from the original cymatical blueprint results in an artificial matrix or "code". The inventor of (non-cymatical) writing is considered to be the Egyptian Thoth, who was depicted as a crane. However, the original cymatical languages like Archaïc Sanskrit and Hebrew were kept secret and used by the priests to create a shift in consciousness between them and the people. There is increasing proof for the fact that the Hebrew letter signs are deviated from Egyptian hieroglyphs. Knowing that Mozes was an Egyptian initiated priest makes this all the more beliefworthy. (Many Biblical persons are direct references to Egyptian pharaohs of the XVIIIth Dynasty, which makes it clear that Mozes' Israelites were in fact the renegade followers of Akhenaten's monotheïstic religion. The name Israel, of course, is deviated from the Egyptian-Phoenician Gods: Isis + Ra = El). This process of enhancing the gap in consciouness between the initiated world elite and the increasingly ignorant people through manipulation of language is still going on today. In other words, we don't need no more Thoth-control!

Many ancient peoples like the Hopi and the Celts believe that, if the sounds of the (human) voice are written, their power is lost. They believe that, by ‘writing’ these sounds down, they become trapped and memory-controlled. The written sounds, therefore, are merely reflections of themselves and will no longer convey the sacred vibration that alters the physical and emotional body. The language of these native peoples was called Tawa (embodied by Tawa Kachina in Hopi culture) and was only spoken and sung as hymns, never written down.

At this moment, however, humanity is still trapped in the disharmonic way of translating reality through code. Our whole lives depend on this code because we create our lives with our thoughts, and our thoughts are completely steered by code/language. It seems that our eyes have to make certain movements before our brain can translate an observed object or thought into a word. This means that modern man thinks much slower than he used to do in times where language was less coded. On the other hand, cymatics shows that sound produces geometrical patterns. In this way, we can develop a much more sincere language which is based on the cymatical patterns of each different sound. Interestingly, some of the ancient cymatical (and therefore 'magical') languages have partially survived today. These are Sanskrit, Hebrew, the Runes and the I Ching. All four of these languages seem to resonate with the crystal structure of Hydrogen.

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