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What is Reality?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Follow the White Rabbit

Is reality a simulation or is it a collective hallucination? What is coincidence and can we manipulate fate? What happens with our consciousness after life as we know it? Is there a way to transcend this reality consciously?

These are questions that should occupy all of us at least a minimum because a being that knows what it is and why it exists is a REAL being.

But what is real? In order to find answers on this question, we should, as usual, look to the word "real" itself since all knowledge is in the Word. The word "real" is deviated from "royal" (In Spanish, the word for royal is "real"). Royalty or Kingship means mastery or sovereignty over a certain region/group of people and thus over the life of that group. In other words, a REAL person is somebody who has obtained mastership over his reality. This person becomes then the Sovereign of his own "Royality".

Quantum physics has shown that matter is, in essence, hollow, and that the more we reduce, the more we see hollow spheres, with nothing more than photons or pure energy units. These quantum particles are known to be the only thing in the Universe that can be in two different states: on the one hand as a waveform that is everywhere and every time and, on the other hand, as matter, being concentrated in one place and one moment. This plasma state of matter, where electrons and protons are not bound together, is comparable to the realm of quantum particles.

The most striking quality of these particles, however, is that they can be manipulated by consciousness or intention, comparable to plasma. Just looking at it influences the movements of quantum particles. Research has shown that quantum particles exist in standing waveform (they exist everywhere and at every time) when we are not aware of them, but become static (concentrated in time and space) from the moment that our eyes perceive them. This phenomenon explains why we perceive reality as exterior and objective, while we see ourselves as the subjective observer. We think that this exterior reality exists independently from our subjective perception. In reality, there is no separation between observer and the observed since we observe with our physical senses, and is only translated in our brain, always through language, into something comprehensible for our mind. This means that the observed reality only exists in our mind. The ‘book’ you are reading is only a sensory perception of something that is called ‘book’. It is only our eyes that see the shape, our nose that smells the odour, our hands that sense the book. Without these senses, there is no book, there is only waveform reality, perceived by your senses as a book.

My explanation is that our eyes are two miniature black holes, which ‘freeze’ the ALL-ONE standing wave-reality into a static dualistic reality in which everything seems outside of us, separated. Not only our eyes, but all our other senses as well act as dualism-inducers of the ALL-ONE Reality.

Name it and you deprive it of any possibility to be somewhere else than in your personal space-time perception.

Also, our two brain hemispheres embody this dualistic principle. Both realities are true and real, but the way of perceiving is different. Now we ask the question: is there a way to perceive this all-one-standing wave-reality? The answer is Yes! Apart from our normal eyes, we possess an organ in the centre of our brain that is called the pineal gland. This organ is in the shape of a pine cone and is responsible for the excretion of what I call the hallu-cygno-gens, which are responsible for our expanded states of consciousness. It is known that the pineal gland in a human being is no bigger than a pea, but when it is fully developed it can grow as big as a thimble. Not for nothing is this organ called the Third Eye!

When our two black holes (pupils) become less active (e.g. during meditation), our Third Eye awakens. This inner eye is luminescent and sees no separation between the inner and outer world. With our Third Eye, we perceive reality as it is in waveform: everywhere simultaneously and ONE with everything. With the inner eye, we create and understand the reality, and with the outer eyes we perceive what we have created.

Together, these form the Holy Trinity of Consciousness!

The creation process with which our thoughts and intentions create reality follows the same dynamical processes of the Unified Field. Therefore, in order to understand the Language of Nature, we have to study the topology of the Unified Field. As we have seen, this topology matches the crystal structure of the First Element, Hydrogen. Highly sophisticated languages which were based on the Hydrogen topology already existed many thousands of years ago. Perhaps, these languages are the most important proof for the existence of an ancient civilization that was much more advanced than we are told in school!

The Hallu-Cygno-Gen

From my personal hyperdimensional trips, the most important thing that I have learnt is that the whole ‘objective’ world is a projection of our own subconscious. During hallucinogenic experiences, everything we feel and think, including our deepest fears, is immediately manifested. During such experiences, we understand the importance of belief systems, because what you believe, even unconsciously, is manifested in a hallucinogenic state. As well as that, we understand that the seemingly objective reality is an illusion that we create ourselves by signification. Again, we learn how important language is, because it is with language (the Verbum Cygni-Phi-Ka-Atum) that we signify reality and with which we feed our consciousness AND the unconscious. In the beginning, this can be very frightening, but with a little training we can gain more control over our thoughts and emotions and, as such, over our reality. In this way, we understand that language and belief systems are the main keys to create reality. No wonder that Language and Religion are the main factors in controlling society!

In ‘awake’ reality, this is no different; only our thoughts are manifested slower. Another difference with a dream or a hallucination is that the material world in the awake reality is a ‘collective hallucination’ shared with all other beings who are in the same awake state. It is the subconscious ‘dark’ side of our being that is manifesting in our conscious ‘light’ side of the day. This is why creative visualisations manifest themselves in ‘real’ life from the moment that the visualisation moves to the subconscious; in other words, when it is ‘forgotten’. If we can control our thoughts, emotions and consciousness, we control also our subconscious. This, in turn, gives us more control over our everyday reality.

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