Opening the Swan Portal


The year 2022 is the year of the Swan. Why? This is the year of the number 22 symbolized by two swans embracing each other and forming a Heart. This Universal Heart is what we celebrate this year on 22-02-2022. In this date we see three times 22, three swan couples and three Heart beating as one family of Woman + Man + Child.



That day, everywhere in the world at the most powerful portal sites on the planet, ceremonies will be held which will be aimed at balancing the polar energies of our world and synchronizing our Hearts as One. Also in Belgium we find one of the most powerful portal sites of the planet: the Han Cave. Thousands of years ago, this holy cave was known to our Celtic ancestors as the Womb of the Swan Goddess. In other words, the ceremony which we will do in the Cave is related to the female womb-aspect which is symbolized geometrically by the circle. The swan number 22 reveals a very special circle because a circle with circumference 22 has a diameter of 7, the number of the Universal Octave, the male aspect of the Universe. 












While the circle with circumference 22 represents the female MATERial aspect of the Universe, the straight line or diameter of 7 stands thus for the male aspect of Light and Sound (Vibration). When Male and Female become One, an interdimensional opening is created through which a new soul or child can incarnate. In this case, the Child to incarnate is the new civilization of Light, Love and Harmony which has to manifest in the coming Golden Age of Aquarius. The Female Womb is the Portal through which every entity needs to pass in order to manifest itself in the physical world. It is thus high time that we honor this primeval aspect of Life at the most appropriate time and place. Where better to do this than in Belgium's most ancient and powerful Womb-site: the Han Cave (watch out! Do not order your tickets for this event at the offical Han-Cave website since this is a private event). This powerful ceremony will be done in two different moments:

- Sunday 20-02-2022 in Dutch

- Tuesday 22-02-2022 in French.


This powerful ceremony in the Womb of the Swan Goddess wil manifest a huge Corona or Ring of energy which will resonate with all other ceremonies taking place at the same moment and on all other portal places in the world, but with two other places in particular. Since the Cave represents the female aspect, we also need a male counterpart. People who have read my book know that the Han Cave is connected with another portal which is volcanic and thus male: Tenerife – La Gomera.

At the same moment when a man will lead the ceremony in the Cave, a woman will lead the ceremony in Tenerife. This is in order to balance the male-female energies involved with the ritual. These two ceremonies, the male and female must of course connect to the third and most important aspect: the Child. This Child is the new civilization of enlightened beings for which we open the central Heart Portal of the planet in the centre of the Earth's landmass: the Great Pyramid of Giza! Logically, there will be a great gathering of people all around the world who will celebrate this sacred date. 

The resonating ceremonies done in every portal site on the planet at the same moment will produce a huge Interdimensional Wave which will resonate until far beyond our galaxy and the higher dimensions of our reality. This planetary event should anchor the higher dimensional vortexes enabling continuous communication with star intelligences during the coming Age.  

Do you feel the calling to assist in this galactic event?









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