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Friends and family often ask me how I arrived at writing a book about such ‘strange’ topics as ‘higher consciousness’ and ‘hyperdimensional language’. Then I ask them if they have ever had a dream that came true? If they have ever thought of somebody seconds before that person appears or telephones? If they have ever wondered what life and death really are? “Of course I do”, they answer. “Everybody does, sometimes”. Only, most of the people don’t stand still more than a few seconds with these wonderful events. People seem to be afraid to think about 'death'. They simply don’t ask themselves if coincidence is really coincidence. Few people seem to care what governs their lives. What is coincidence anyway? These are serious questions which can change your life dramatically once you begin to look behind the curtain of material reality. Once you begin to take these seemingly meaningless coincidences seriously, the whole universe seems to collaborate in helping you to find the answers you are looking for. At a certain moment, magic becomes so overwhelmingly present that you want to share it with the whole world. This is the reason why I wrote this book.   

During my early twenties, my research into the nature of reality mostly involved inner explorations of the mind through extatic dancing and psychedelic experiences. The incredible synchronicities, paranormal phenomena and 'magical' powers that resulted from my psychonautic experiments were so overwhelming that I could not other than looking for scientific explanations. I know that there are many people in the world, sometimes called 'Indigo Children', who have similar and even much more exciting experiences. However, whereas many people who experience similar events would resign in the simple fact of having the experience itself, I wanted to understand how and why they were happening. For me, this was like connecting the male and the female, the spiritual and the material, the left and the right brain hemisphere. I thought that, the more I understood the workings of reality, the more I could control it and the more I could 'improve' the world. However, there was something that I had to learn before I could go to the next stage of my apprenticeship as 'magician'. Probably, this learning came when I understood that reality is made of thought and emotion. As a result, in order to control or influence reality, one must first control his own thoughts and emotions. This might seem very simple at first sight, though I believe that this is the main cause of human suffering. Since thought is controlled by belief systems and language, we can understand why (Babylonian) Language Confusion, mass media manipulation and world religions are the main weapons to rule the world. 

Controlling your own thoughts and emotions is already a difficult task, but raising children in the way you would like to is simply impossible in this society where children are obliged to go to a school which only prepares them to become another brick in the wall, where nature disappears at high speed, where buying apples in plastic packaging is more popular than planting an apple tree, where people are increasingly materialistic and where there is no place for serious (not superficial religious) spirituality. I mean, how can we possibly hope for a better world if the foundation, namely children, is not completely transformed from a concrete slab into a healthy garden soil? All this growing disagreement led me to organize nature-festivals and conferences where like-minded people could meet each other and where we could think about possible solutions. For example, we went to the local schools and offered classes in permaculture. I believe this is one of the things that can really change the world: an increased liberty of schools to cooperate with independent teachers in 'healing' domains like permaculture, psychoacoustic architecture, geomancy, bio-engineering, meditation and visualisation, psychic training,... 

As a result of this growing disagreement with western society, research into these subjects, meditation and psychic training became my principal occupation. One day during a visualisation exercice, these exercices yielded a very clear vision of some paradisiacal place which I could not identify in the real world. Fortunately, the day after the vision, the hint that would change my life was given to me by a friend. When listening to the story of my vision, he said that the landscape I described certainly corresponded to a real place "somewhere in the Canary Islands". Excitingly, a few months later during a vacation on the Canary Islands, my family and I find exactly the same place as in my vision, where a meditating man was waiting for me since a few months, he said. Exactly on that day my friend who told me to go to the Canaries died from ALS. This is only one of the numerous synchronicities which have made the story so exciting. We decided to stay at that magical place for 9 months (a gestation period) after which we returned to Belgium, but this time to the southern part, where a completely different culture reigns. It is here, in the Han-Caves that I would find my destination and where I completed the exciting new theory which culminated in the writing of the book Hallu-Cygns. 

I must admit that I have hesitated a long time to publish my story and theory. The reason for this was that, although I have received higher knowledge that I consider important for every human being, I considered myself not as spiritually advanced enough to become a 'teacher'. One must first master the practice which he preaches. Next to that, I don't like promoting myself or "selling" something, especially not spiritual knowledge. Unfortunately, the society in which we live has shown me that what is given for free is rarely respected as it should be. So I decided to look for the right publisher who would resonate with my intentions. I found these qualities in Robin Beck and Nadine May, publishers of Kima Global Books. My intention, as this is the purpose of this web-page, is to awake as much readers as possible for the fact that we are responsible for the reality we and our children live in and that we decide every second again what we believe and how we signify our reality. Perhaps, we can not control THE world, but we can control what WE eat, do, think, say and believe and we can choose what we learn OUR children. If we manage to transform only these aspects into more harmonious patterns in resonance with the cosmos, at least OUR own world can be saved. If everybody transforms HIS world, one day the WHOLE world will be transformed!  

So, to answer the question WHY I have written this book, there is only one answer: for our Children. Since life begins at birth, young parents should be aware of alternative ways of child-birth assistance. My favourite is dolphin-assisted childbirth, made popular by the Russian doctor Igor Charkovsky, but practiced by indigenous tribes all over the world since many thousands of years. One of my dreams is to open a sea-sanctuary and healing facility with dolphins, where dolphin-assisted childbirth is possible and where humans can learn to communicate telepathically and with the Heart. Currently, I am involved in a project involving the opening of a sea-sanctuary where abandoned dolphins from marine parcs are rehabilitated into the wild at Terceira in the Azores. We are still searching for funds and support for this project. If you feel attracted to support us, please visit our website:

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