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The Matrix of Consciousness

The All-Seeing "I"


It is a fact that reality is a continuous interaction between what we consider to be an interior subjective observing "I" and an exterior objective observed reality. However, deep meditations in which we look for the identifying root deep inside ourselves, the "I" which is independant from external reality, always result in the same conclusion: there is no "I" independant of the external world. Everything that we indentify with is a construct of consciousness, a reflection of the Universal Self into a myriad of other selves in an attempt to know itself. Is it therefore a coincidence that the word for the most used observing sensory organ is pronounced the same way as "I" ==> "Eye"? In other words, the vertical line "I" is actually the symbol of Consciousness itself, which, as we will see below, is not independant from external reality, but is entangled with it in an endless continuum that creates the Matrix of I-I or El-Even.

The Mound of Creation

Numerous legends about a Primordial Mound of Creation are found in every corner of the world. This Mound has received many different names such as the Mountain of El, Mount Meru, Mount Morya, ... It is important to know that in essence, none of these refer to real-life mountains but to a matrix of resonance. This matrix can be seen as a mathematical blueprint of a double vortex, created by the infrasounds produced by the Earth in resonance with the other planets of the solar system and with the Galactic Center. This double vortex forms an interdimensional portal when properly aligned. The Earth is a sphere which turns around its own axis, it turns as well around the Sun in resonance with the other planets of the solar system, the solar system turns around the Galactic center and the Galaxies finally turn around increasingly bigger star systems. This spinning inside spinning inside spinning... produces sounds inaudible for the human ear, which we therefore call infrasounds. These infrasounds logically occur on specific geometric points on the sphere which we call infrasound nodes. These places on the sphere where infrasounds are manifested are "sacred" for it is there that the Frequencies of Creation can best be felt. However, it is these planetary infrasounds which can be harnessed through piezo-electric architecture which transduce the mechanical sound waves of the Earth into bio-electricity. The Hallu-Cygns-project is aimed at proving that a forgotten but advanced ancient civilization knew perfectly well how to do this. Infrasound focused by a pyramid which matches the dimensions of the Earth (like the Great Pyramid of Giza), functions as a coupled oscillator which can be used for the production of bio-electricity. Unlike electrical shock waves, the soft bio-electrification process of the body in resonance with the organic frequencies of the planets is known to have all kinds of beneficial effects from profound healing on the cellular level to complete atomic transmutation of the body into its primal state of pure light/plasma, thus enabling interdimensional travelling. 

In order to found his theory, Oakwood delves far back into human history. What he found is that megalithic constructions built thousands of years ago, were most probably designed as psychoacoustic facilities and used in symbiosis with sacred sounds, nano-powders of resonant metals (like the Egyptian 'mfkzt') and altered states of consciousness. By building resonant temples upon terrestrial infrasound nodes and in alignment with certain stars or planets, human initiates were able to raise their consciousness to a level that surpassed our modern-day consciousness level. I believe that megalithic man was therefore much more aware of the fact that reality is a collective hallucination, signified by language and harmonized by resonance. Proof of this are the numerous cymatical mandalas and symbols found all over the world and the hundreds of psychoacoustic temples and artifacts built many thousands of years ago which lay scattered all over the planet. ​However, in order for the planetary infrasound-system to work, the whole planet must be geo-sonically tuned to the same matrix of resonance, the blueprint of The Double Vortex. Although the numerical aspect of this matrix is called Pascal's Triangle today (named after the mathematician Blaise Pascal) it was known many thousands of years earlier by all ancient civilizations where it had different names such as The First Mound rising out of the Primordial Waters, Mount Meru, the Tree of Life, the Honeycomb Matrix, the Cosmic Womb, the Cosmic Octave, the Primordial Mound of Creation, the Mountain of El, the El-Even Matrix... Pascal's Triangle (PT) is a triangular array of binomial coefficients. In PT, we can find the Pythagorean musical scale, the Fibonacci number sequence, the frequencies of the Bee's,... and was therefore called the Matrix of Creation by the ancient Vedes. 




















It was not before early Octobre 2017, that I discovered PT, thanks to a star in the Cygnus constellation which had been alerting the astronomical cummunity by showing strange unexplainable lightdips seen from our planet. The observations done by Andrew Collins and his colleague, the egineer Rodney Hale, showed that the lightdips occurred in a very specific numerical pattern corresponding to the 9th and 10th dimensions in Pascal's Triangle. This was the reason why Collins had sent me this information. Knowing that Andrew is a specialist with more than 30 years of first hand experiences with paranormal and psychic phenomena, I had told him a few months before about a strange psychic message that I had received while dozing in on the sofa. This message consisted of only two words and two numbers: "Xeniton 9 - Xeniton 10". So, while corresponding with Andrew during a few weeks, he sends me two more numbers revealed by Tabby's Star (named after its discoverer Tabitha Boyajian): 132 and 42 . Strangely, the ratio of these two numbers 132/42 gives the number Pi, the mathematical resonance between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. Since these two numbers can only be found by extracting instead of adding the binomial coefficients in the 9th and 10th dimension of PT, we were both simultaneously prompted to create a "negative" Pascal's Triangle, consisting of subtractions instead of additions. 

















You can see that the number Pi, symbolized by a portal π, is found in the 10th dimension. This feature strangely resonates with sacred geometry. When you draw a circle with diameter 9 units, then you put one unit at either side of the circle's diameter, the nuclei of these outer units determine the angles of a square with the same circumference as the circle:

















Here, we can clearly see that π-resonance is also found between 9 and 11 units (small circles). As the primary unit today, the number 1, is called 'one', in ancient times, this unit was called the "l" or "El" (proto-indo-european for 'life' or 'first') and was noted as a vertical line 'l' because this symbolized the First Pillar on which the First Sun rose. Opposite this pillar and on the same evening, the First Sun set on the Second Pillar, linking space and time in an 'El-Evening'-configuration like in the image above. Still today, we use the vertical line to indicate our individual self, "I" as well as the letter 'l' (L) and the word 'el-even' (el-pair) for the number 11. Since Pascal's Triangle is based upon the number 11, it is called the El-Even Matrix. The l or El was everything, it was the link between the 5 states of matter and formed the unit of space, time, matter, energy and consciounsess (signification). Logically, it was later translated as 'God'. The first unit of matter is of course the Hydrogen atom. Since the edges of Pascal's Triangle are all numbers 1, it is said that the 'Primordial Mound' rises out of the 'Water':
















As I said in the first paragraph, Pascal’s Triangle caught my attention thanks to the light dips of Tabby’s Star in 2016 and the cooperation with Andrew Collins. A year or so later, one day, I woke up in the morning with the words ‘Tabitty, Land of the Bees’ sounding in my head. As if struck by lightning, I ran down the stairs and picked up The Venus Blueprint of Richard Merrick, in which I was sure I had seen these words. I was not to be disappointed, as ‘Tabitty’ was, indeed, the ancient Egyptian name for ‘Land of the Bees’. Immediately, I made the link with the name Tabitha Boyaijan, the discoverer of KIC 8462852, hence ‘Tabby’s Star’ or should I say "Ta-Bee's Star"? Could this be a coincidence? Was there really a link between a human name, a distant star’s light dips, Pascal’s Triangle and the bees? After all, Pascal’s Triangle does resemble a honeycomb with its hexagonal structure. Many numerical relationships of the bees’ acoustical matrix can be found in Pascal’s Triangle. When we count up the numbers of the horizontal rows, we get the doubling sequence: 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256-512,…(the Pythagorean C-note sequence) and when we add up the diagonals this results in the Fibonacci-numbers (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21,…). All this leads us to the Phi-based acoustical matrix of the bees. The Negative Triangle, on the other hand, seems to focus on the number Pi between the 9th and 11th Dimension. In other words, we have a Phi-Triangle (Golden Spiral) and a Pi-Triangle (Ring). Could these two triangles be the two polar electromagnetic vortices that must fuse in order to create the Unified (or Pi‑Phi-ed) Field? When we do this by converging both triangles at the eleventh row (10th dimension), we see that the numbers 252 and zero (between 132 and 132) overlap and form …



Now, watch what happens when we stick both triangles to each other at their base instead of at their tops:











The fusion of both Ka- and Ba-Triangles was called the Mer-Ka-Ba (‘Mer’ means ‘Mother, Sea, Water’) and literally refers to the spinning double vortex which, when properly aligned to each other, creates an interdimensional portal. So, is Pascal's Triangle literally a vortexial matrix for the atomic transmutation of matter, naturally manifesting at sacred sites around the planet? Is Tabby's Star prompting us to reactivate the planetary infrasound nodes by tuning our planet to the Galactic Womb of Resonance or Ta-Bee’s Matrix?

To find out more details about this Matrix of Resonance, you might want to read my article for the Ancient Origins website, also posted on my blog:

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