Welcome in the Stargate of the Swan


"Incredible personal quest of discovery touching at the boundaries of reality itself. I highly recommend this great book for all those who see the word synchronicity as a metaphor of life itself."


                                                                          Andrew Collins ('The Cygnus Mystery', 'From the Ashes of Angels'...)

Sometimes, reality surpasses fiction. This is what can be said about Hallu-Cygns, which tells the almost unbelievable but true story of author Igor Oakwood who, at the age of 23 begins to experience exciting synchronicities in the south of France which will lead him to Mexico and Guatemala. There, on and near the pyramids of Palenque, Oakwood undergoes an intense shamanic Maya-initiation during which he catches a glimpse of the process of atomic transmutation of the body. A few years later, a close encounter with three plasma balls in Alton Barnes, England, is quickly followed by vivid dreams about humans teleporting from pyramid to pyramid, and about a beautiful cave which leads to a paradisiacal realm with ancestral lightbeings. Also in everyday reality, the strange encounter seems to have very tangible consequences. A weird obsession for swans and exciting synchronicities are building up towards a very clear destination: the magnificent Han Caves in Belgium. There, working as a tourist guide since 2014, he finds that at the exact moment of his premonitory dream about the cave two years before, in July 2012, a theatre piece has been played at the exit of the Han Cave which was titled 'Igor's Dream' and which was about a personage Igor who believed so much in his dream that it manifested!!! During the following years, Oakwood discovers that the ancient Celts who occupied the Han Caves 2500 years before considered the Cave as a terrestrial counterpart of the Dark Rift in the Milky Way, the place where the souls of the deceased were supposed to return in order to find their way to their ancestors. Even more excitingly, Oakwood discovered that the Cave itself has many remarkable physical features which undoubtedly point to the Milky Way and more particularly to the Cygnus constellation. This way, Oakwood comes in touch with Andrew Collins (The Cygnus Mystery) and learns that the Cygnus constellation houses the most important source (Cygnus X-3) of a hyper energetic particle called the 'cygnet' captivated by quartz and calcite crystals in the Earth's crust. For Oakwood, it is this particle which is responsible for the evolution of consciousness and language on Earth since probably many thousands of years. Therefore, he calls this particle the 'Hallucygns'. A few years later, the astronomical community was shocked by the discovery of another strange star in the same constellation called Tabby's Star (after its discoverer Tabitha Boyajian) which seemed to 'communicate' with Earth through regular lightdips and through some enigmatic psychic messages which the author 'received' in 2016. Again together with A. Collins, he discovers that the strange star is sending us a message of universal importance: the creation of a hyper dimensional portal through which consciousness 'hallucinates' matter. This portal is quite literally a π-resonance-portal which can be found between the 9th and 11th dimensions of Pascal's Triangle as well as in a geometric system to square the circle based on the 9-11 geometry. No wonder that the 9‑11- mathematics is (ab)used to influence human thought on a planetary scale!

Oakwood believes that this mathematical matrix was known since many thousands of years by ancient civilizations under names like Mount Meru, the Primordial Mound rising out of the Waters, the Tree of Life, the Ennead,... . What is more, there seem to be specific places determined by sacred geometry and infrasound resonance around the planet where the hyper dimensional frequencies of this "Mother Matrix" are bubbling up. Oakwood believes that megalithic buildings all over the planet were aimed at harnessing these frequencies for psychoacoustic and spiritual purposes.

Hallu-Cygns is the result of 15 years of mind-blowing experiences, initiations and research into the deepest core of consciousness and reality. This book is a must-read for every spiritual seeker who wants to expand his consciousness.