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The Han Caves


Situated at the foot of the forested and accidented Ardennes region, the Han Caves are one of Mother Nature's most beautiful Jewels in the whole Benelux region. However, they are much more than a world famous touristic site. What many people don't know is that in ancient times these caves have served as an underground temple for esosteric purposes linked to Death and Rebirth during a considerable part of human's occupation of the site since at least 10.000 years. This is proven by the hundreds of archaeological objects found at both ends of the Cave and by the etymology of the name of the hill (Boine = "White Cow") in which the Han Caves are situated. It is here that I work as a professional tourist guide since 2014. However, next to the regular touristic tours, I organise exclusive tours about the topics related in my books and articles. During these special tours, you learn about the extraordinary events which led me to this magnificent site but also about synchronicity and the esoteric and spiritual connection of the Han Cave with a specific part of the Milky Way which the ancient Celts named the Bru na Boine ("The Womb of the White Cow").  

* Esotericism is the spiritual knowledge about man and comos which is not accessible for everybody but only for initiates. In other words, during this exclusive tour in one of the most astounding caves in Europe, you are initiated in certain spiritual and cosmic secrets concerning this ancestrally sacred site. 


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