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Cygni-Phi-ing Reality

In the Beginning was the Word,...the World ís Word. Knowing that it is linguistic skill in particular that distinguishes man from the animal, we can ask ourselves what has been the catalyst for this (r)evolution. People who dared to explore the mysterious realm of the psychedelic dimensions like the McKenna brothers have already postulated that this catalyst might well have been psychoactive molecules like psilocybin, found in the pandemic mushroom species of the psylocibe family. Indeed, scientific research has shown that this molecule stimulates particularly the linguistic parts of our brain. Today psilocybin makes its comeback in the medicinal world since it has recently been recognized as a very succesful medicine against mental disorders, depression, anxiety,...


Another alternative theory which explains the evolution of human consciousness has been proposed by the great Carl Sagan, who thought that peaks in evolution are caused by gamma-ray bursts of distant neutron stars.

Oakwood's own mind blowing experiences and initiations have convinced him that both theories are probably right and that there might even be a link between a hyper energetic particle (cygnet) coming from a specific neutron star (Cygnus X-3) in the Cygnus constellation, the psychoactive molecules found in certain plants and funghi (and in the human brain!) and human language. It is this link which Oakwood calls the 'Hallucygns'. Actually, the word "cygns" has a triple meaning and refers to 'signs', 'science' and 'cygnets'. 

The cygnet is a hydrino-like particle with infinite lifetime coming from Cygnus X-3, a neutron star in the constellation of Cygnus/the Swan and the main source of gamma-radiation on Earth. If we believe Carl Sagan, the cygnet is the best candidate for being the consciousness-inducing particle that is responsible for the sudden accelerations of consciousness on Earth since many thousands of years. The cygnet primaries seem to be captured by the most abundant crystals on Earth: quartz and calcite. Therefore, it is most likely that the development of language and psychoacoustic technology began deep down these calcite caves, many thousands of years ago. The fact that the shape of pyramids (mainly built of calcite and quartz) matches the octahedral crystal structure of calcite may indicate that they were partially built to capture and to transduce these hyperdimensional cygnet-particles. Since the cygnet-particle is called a 'primary' in physical science, it is related to the the number 1 (primal unit of measurement and consciousness) anciently called 'El'. In the El-Even Matrix, we can clearly see that the El has only one instruction: seeking resonance between itself and its counterpart, making El-Even or Divine Nuclear Arching (DNA). 'Arching' means 'connecting' the inner subjective observer with outer objective reality, unifying Consciousness and Matter. This continuous and simultaneous fusion (Uni) and fission (Verse) of primal elements creates the heartbeat of material reality. This is the continuous search of Consciousness to reflect itself in a myriad of different lifeforms which nevertheless remain a part of the original Oneness. This means that Creation never begins nor ends. Space and Time are illusions created every nanosecond again by Consciousness in order to know itself.  

In ancient times, the 'El' was also the basic measuring unit of the megalithic people. The El or ulna was the forearm and the circle arc it describes obviously the "El-bow". Today, the ulna is called the radius and the elbow the circle arc. We know that the length of the circle arc relates to its radius as the mathematical constant Pi. With the El and the El-bow, the ancients easily calculated the number Pi (π) as 1 El-bow/1 El = π. Therefore, there were three ways to note El-Even (I - I): 

The three symbols above make up the most basic values in our universe and they all three refer to the El-ectric plasma-arc between the base pair of DNA, the building block of living matter: Divine Nucleic Arching! They are all three related to each other through sacred geometry and resonance of the El-Even Matrix. The El or the Cygnet is therefore literally the Verbum Cygni-Phi-Ka-Atum, the Biblical Word with which consciousness hallucinates material reality by “thinking” the wave-like quantum state of matter into static material reality. The second composite, Phi, obviously refers to the Golden Mean, which we find in the smallest particles as in the vastest star systems. The number Phi is literally the signature or 'cygnature' of organic matter. As a conclusion, we can say that 'cygni-phi-ing' means 'hallucinating matter with sound and geometry'.  

Do Cygnus X-3 and Tabby’s Star embody a conscious entity which influences consciousness, language and cygni-phi-cation on Earth by broadcasting a “Hallu-Cygno-Genic" Matrix since many thousands of years? Is this entity what we call 'God'? 

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