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This mind-blowing book explains the last 22 years of the author's life which have formed one big archetypal story comparable to so many universal legends and myths. In these myths, the hero is awakened through a special dream in which he is told to go on a quest for The Holy Grail, which is in essence the signature of our illusory reality and the key to transcend the world of Maya. Stating that the author has been living quite literally this quest and that he found the Holy Grail is hardly an exaggeration... This Grail-secret is revealed during a quantum-entangled encounter with three plasma-entities in July 2010. This download of information, aided by supernatural events and telepathic communication with a transdimensional intelligence from Cygnus reveals a long-lost mathematical secret which was known to the megalithic civilization and which enabled interdimensional travelling. 

"Incredible personal quest of discovery touching at the boundaries of reality itself. I highly recommend this great book for all those who see the word synchronicity as a metaphor of life itself."                                                     

                                                          Andrew Collins (The Cygnus Mystery, Lightquest,...)

Vous êtes à la recherche de réponses sur des questions sur votre destin ou votre rôle dans la vie? Vous aimez être dans la nature et visiter une des plus belles grottes de l'Europe? Alors l'Expérience Synchronicité est certainement quelque chose pour vous! Pendant cette expérience d'une journée, vous apprenez ce qu'est la synchronicité et comment l'activer dans votre vie et...  en savoir plus...


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